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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Art of Personal Insults

Off a Dynasty Crew show from January here is Marcus Nasty of Nasty Crew attacking D Double E, Footsie, and Jammer, who all left Nasty Crew last year. Marcus Nasty is the dj/boss of Nasty Crew, who are one of the absolute biggest grime crews. Off the interview on Risky Roadz he comes across as quite a vicious character. Anyways, this is the nastiest grime slewing I've ever heard. He's not even mc'ing, just speaking. Harsh words. Phew.

Marcus Nasty - Industry Exposure

On a more general grime theme, go check out Simon Silverdollar's 2004 round-up, which will help fill in some of the gaps for those of you a bit unfamiliar with grime.

A more humorous takedown from Fat Joe on 50 Cent. Via So Many Shrimp.

Fat Joe talking about 50 on the Drama Hour

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