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Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Gabba - "(a) moronic inferno of headbanger beats, kamikaze bpm's, and testosterone-drenched sadomasochismo." #

Turbulence - Six Million Ways To Die

"gabba was a 200 BPM assault on the senses. Relentless, pounding rhythms and atrocious noise were the law, especially in Holland, where gabba became the country's national anthem...Gabba soon split itself, morphing into the darker speedcore and the almost comical happy gabber, with its bizarre, fast versions of TV theme shows like The Flintstones and Cheers." #

Sigma 909 - Hardcore Is The Power

"Went over to the decks at 8:30 to play. I decided to play a Rotterdam set, as I dont think a Speedcore set would go down to well, ha. Got to the decks, 'WHAT THE HELL!!' crappy Soundlab belt drive things, deary me. man. Fumbled around on them, and they wernt to bad really. I think this is what I played.. Object One - Ping Pong (Samurai) 145BPM Gabberhead - Tu Tu Tu (Megarave) Marshal Masters & Ultimate MC - I Like it Loud (2017) ?? & Youri - Fast Food (Powerbeats) Neophtye - Brain Cracking (Rotterdam Special) Tschabos - Give Me the Bass.

Felt a tap on the shoulder 'Soz mate, Ill have to stop you, its too hard', hahahahahaha. What the hell man, couldnt belive it, never got faster than 170 BPM. So I says, 'right Ill play 2 more records, Ill play summik happy' Stuck on DJ Trons 'Fuck that Happy Shit', the track that starts with 'I Wanna see a Rainbow high in the sky..... FUCK THAT HAPPY SHIT, THIS IS MOTHERFUCKING DEATHCOREEEE'. He, they enjoyed that. I stopped the music, shouted 'YOU FUCKING CHEESY BASTARDS' and put 'FUCK ME GEORDIE' on. Hehe, sat down, Shooting Star came on so we went home." #

Technological Terror Crew - The Ripper (DJ Hellfish RMX)

"Fifteen hundred young people are packed on the dance floor of Massive, a giant all-night techno event celebrating the New Year. There's no one still moving whose ears are not ringing; the beats have been banging at deafening levels for the past six hours at the rate of 200 per minute and show no sign of letting up. Bodies twitch and move; eyes shut tight in deep concentration; strange smiles fill most of the faces. One kid is sprawled out with his head resting comfortably inside a giant vibrating bass cabinet.

To the uninitiated, the noise is formless and directionless, but each time the deejay switches records and pumps the techno while raising a fist in the air, the tight-knit group of flailing flesh responds with a burst of energy. The sight is surreal and somewhat frightening. The harsh sounds are complemented with bursts of colored, patterned lights provided by six Intellibeams, several grisly film loops bizarrely projected on weather balloons strung from the ceiling, bouncing laser beams, and psychedelic video projections. Multimedia run amok, the scene is one of utter abandon and pure pleasure. It's either the end of the world or the beginning, and it's all going down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

"I play all over the United States, and Milwaukee is one of the hardest places. They like very hard, repetitive music," says deejay Repete, the man responsible for bringing hardcore techno into New York City's Limelight club and the headliner for that New Year's gathering. "I was impressed by the Milwaukee scene. The harder you play it, the more they like it."

"The night went on, and I played harder and harder and harder and harder. I'm not used to seeing that. I'm used to a situation where you take them up, then bring them down a little bit. Over there, you just pound them." " #

Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny

Note: All pics are from the Scottish site Twisted Hardcore. All the mp3's are available for only 25 downloads or for seven days, whichever expires sooner, and the tracks themselves are long since out of press. HOWEVER, if you are an artist or a record label whose work is featured among these tracks and you want me to take them down, email me and I will do so immediately.

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