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Monday, October 24, 2005

New Projects

Obviously, I put this blog on the back burner for several months, so, for anyone wandering back who doesn't also read my main blog (for which I've been finding decreasing motivation recently), you might be curious as to what I'm doing in London. Well, I decided to come back to London to go back to graduate school, and so I came back. This has also involved moving back in with my parents, which is somewhat pathetic at the age of 25 after having been gone for (more or less) six years, but if I can avoid paying London rents while I do this course, I see no reason not to.

One of the nice things about going home again, though, is being able to go through all of your old crap. In particular, what has been nice has been finding lots of my old rave tapes. So, since I am not feeling imaginative, but I am feeling generous, I have decided to rip these to mp3 out of a sense of general communal solidarity. We start today with a wicked Andy C tape from 1997.

Here's a scan of the tape pack cover (click for a full-size image):



Andy C - Live @ Helter Skelter Energy 97 (Side A, Side B)

As you'll see, this is not massively different from my own mix in the previous post, a pretty similar vibe all in all. I do have plenty more to come, having found all kinds of old jungle/dnb tapes, as well as some of yer proper gabba and hardcore techno! If anyone could let me know about the sound quality of this rip, I'd appreciate that too, as I spent a bit of time fiddling with the eq's on Soundforge to make it sound a little crisper as the tape, unsurprisingly, has degraded over time.

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