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Sunday, January 22, 2006

New(Ish) Mix, Updates, Etc.

Here's a mix I recorded a couple months ago of some pretty fiercely banging stuff.

Pearsall - Squat Rocking 1 (click to download)

01. Diplomat vs Trouble - Tantalum Cones (Deathchant)
02. Megamind - Taub (Nukleuz)
03. Kai Tracid - Destiny's Path (Warmduscher RMX) (Tracid Traxx)
04. Lectrolux - Baloney (Baby Doc RMX) (Tec)
05. Ironik - Slave (Tec)
06. Immersion - Squat Rock Part 2 (Smitten)
07. Trash Compactor - Interstitial (No Entry)
08. Medicine Man & Switch - Vitamins from the Pharmacy (One Inch)
09. Rim n' Chop - The Italian Job (Karim RMX) (DP)
10. The Captain, Superfast Oz & Kristian - Let's Go (Tinrib)
11. The Hellfire Club - Voodoo Magic (React)
12. K90 - Bomb Jack (Chris Liberator RMX) (Telica)
13. DJ Choci & The Geezer - Silver Box (VCF)
14. DJ Riddler - Riddle Me This (Public House)
15. Greenforce - Afro Acid (Acid Test)
16. Cortex - Cuba (Xy2)
17. Bang The Future - Atomik Lullaby (GBT)
18. Propulsion - Without Fear (Mesh)

It's just more of the same turbo-charged head-bashing stuff, a tribute to the mid to late 90's London squat party/underground club scene that I was so into. In theory, I'll write a bit more about it when I post the second part, but that remains merely a plan.

Anyways, besides Squat Rocking 2 (which is an acid techno extravaganza), I have either done or am contemplating doing the following mixes:
- Morally Diminished: extreme crate-digging activities, fishing out stuff that is pretty old and then combining it into a cohesive(sort of) whole. I've mixed the first one, which is house/tech-house/whatever, and will theoretically upload it at some point this week. The second one will be melodic techno but I haven't actually mixed it yet, or even worked out a tracklist for it (although I do have twenty records pulled out for it).
- Rampage Teknikal: The return of my old series of techno mixes. After a year off from buying tunes, I've recently started spending money on records again. Perhaps unwisely. I have tunes for two new mixes, and one will be techno and the other electro (mullets ahoy!).
- A mix of old and very fast European hardtrance. And a mix of old and very fast UK hardtrance. Why not?
- A slower mix of old European hardtrance called, fittingly, Eurotrash. This one is already done, but just needs to be uploaded. Also finished is Dreadnaut, which is one long ode to the hoover.
- Another old dnb mix. Maybe.
- Maximalism Part 2. Same as the first one basically, a smorgasborg of techno, acid, hard trance, and whatever else is to hand.

Also, you should check out Frank McGahon's new music blog. Get the Masters At Work mix, it's lovely!

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