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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Desperate Plunge For Readership

One thing I've been listening to a lot over the last year or two (but especially recently) has been grime, which is London's current street sound; a thrillingly modern collission of dancehall reggae, hip-hop, jungle, and sheer imagination. I'm not really planning on writing about it much, as people like Simon Silverdollarcircle and Luca Ghettopostage already do a great job on it. But, anyways, since I want to attract readers to this blog (I might as well be honest, right?) I will occassionally be giving away little rips of grime tunes from sets. So, these two tunes are from a recent Logan Sama show on Kiss FM. There's a few little skips and the sound is a little wonky at times because I recorded this off an internet stream of the show. These two tunes are really really good. Check them out. The downloads will expire after 25 downloads, so be quick!

JME - Serious

Ruff Squad - Guns & Roses

|| RPH || 3:45 AM ||


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