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Friday, March 04, 2005

Awesome Mix (And Other News)

Paul Autonomic has posted an excellent digital mashup (using the peerless Ableton Live software) of some grime and dubstep tunes.


Paul Autonomic - This One is Computerised (right-click, save as)

0:00 - Dizzee "Hoe" (Refix)
0:00 - Plastic Man "Pump Up the Jam"
1:30 - (Nightmares on Wax "I'm For Real")
1:37 - Mark One "Space Hopper"
3:28 - DJ Oddz - Strung Up VIP
5:48 - Wiley "Eskiboy"
6:02 - Lady Sovereign "Chi Ching" (Cheque 1 2 vocal and a cappella)
7:39 - Dizzee w/ D Double E "Give U More" (instrumental and vocal)
10:48 - (Nasty Habits "Here Come the Drumz")
11:01 - Vex'd "Pop Pop"
11:15 - Lethal B "Forward Riddim" (Hector Movie Mix)
14:30 - SLT Mob "Saddam"
17:45 - (Flirta D and Swarvo)
17:45 - Imp Batch "Gype"
19:51 - Alter Ego "Rocker" (Plastic Man Remix)
22:08 - Mark One w/ JSD "Stand Up"

There's a comments thread at Dissensus for those interested.

In other news, I've joined the admin team for Paul's site, but for the moment I'm going to be a bit quiet as last night I started having some problems with my external hard drive and I think I might have lost all of the London pirate radio rips I've collected (which is a total, enormous bummer), as well as quite a bit of other stuff. In all, if I can't fix it, it looks like I've lost about 10 or so gigs of music to file corruption. Oh well.

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