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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Last Friday

Last Friday I went with my friend Andy to Rothko on the Lower East Side to see the US debuts of the London grime mc's D Double E, Jammer, and Ears. It was a pretty fun show, and you can read a review of the night here. It was a pretty good time. Anyways, you can check out a video of the guys from earlier in the night spitting over the Mike Jones 'Still Tippin' instrumental at East Village Radio, which is, if you've ever been to 1st and 1st, that weird looking little storefront radio studio where the dj is literally right in the window.

Plus you can read an interview with Shadetek, the guys who put on the party (it's called 'Bangers n' Mash' - terrible name) here. Plus, an article from the New Yorker that easily explains everything to everyone.

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