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Monday, March 07, 2005


Harajuku, Tokyo

I did manage to salvage some stuff, so here's an mp3. This is at least ten years old. Before I had full-on my religious conversion to jungle around my fifteenth birthday I listened to both jungle and punk, and one of the labels I used to buy a lot of stuff from was a Hamburg-based rock label called Crypt Records. They put out all kinds of low-fi balls-to-the-wall rock n' roll, from compilations of original 60's garage rock (the precursor stuff to punk) to albums by all kinds of never-to-be-succesful American punk and bluesy rock bands. This particular track is from a Japanese band called Teengenerate whose album I got this off of ('Get Action') was utterly, utterly awful, except for this and one other track. This one, though, is great. Just over two minutes of concentratedly noisy mayhem wrapped up in some charmingly awful production. Screaming, squealing smack your head into the wall music. Love it.

Teengenarate - Right Now

|| RPH || 12:10 AM ||


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