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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Who's that white kid L Dot Man?

L-Man - Facts of Life

This is a zip file, if you don't have an unzipping program, I recommend Stuffit.

01. The Other Side Of Me (Produced By Mr.Fusion)
02. My Life Ft.Chloe (Produced By L-Man)
03. When I Look Into Your Eyes (Produced By Mr.Fusion)
04. Freestyle
05. Hannah (Produced By Mr.Slash)
06. Disturbed (Produced By Mr.Slash)
07. Freestyle (Produced By DJ Q)
08. Some People (Produced By Ripperman)
09. 25 Minute Mix Set (Mixed By Dj Frampster)
01. Freestyle Ft.Narstie (Produced By Dj Suicide And Rawdeal)

I got this recently from the RWD forum, and I've re-upped it because I think it's really good. L-Man is one of the mc's of one of my absolute favorite grime crews, South London's N Double A. They aren't as well known as the big East London crews (well, 'known' is relative, as it's a pretty small scene, in all honesty) like Roll Deep, Nasty Crew, Fire Camp, and Ruff Sqwad, yet the sets I've heard from them have been really awesome.

This mixtape doesn't have the same raw energy of those pirate radio sessions, but I like it for the raw emotional honesty he brings to his lyrics, which is something quite different from the usual 'I'm the baddest/best lyricist/best lover' type of lyrics from most London grime mc's. He talks about living in a children's home after being abandoned by his birth mother, his love for his foster mother, an ex-girlfriend who broke his heart, and even political and historical themes. He's got a really weird, angularly accented voice that sounds really good, fusing his London accent with a pseudo-patois influence. For those who don't know London accents it might sound quite weird, but I really like his flow and his lyrics. Most of the tracks on this are hip-hop, except for the 25 minute mix, where L-Man rhymes over big instrumentals like Wiley 'Dragon Stout', Plasticman 'Cha', and Bossman 'Bongo Eyes'.

I've also included another mp3, a promo mix cd where he appears with the rest of N Double A. The disc was mixed by Plasticman on the decks, and it is possibly the most exciting grime set I've ever heard. It's amazing, 45 minutes of pummeling basslines and absolutely chaotic mc'ing, pure undiluted energy, a torrent of words from guys who you can tell are absolutely, 100%, purely committed.

Plasticman feat. N Double A - Top Boy Promo CD

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