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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Why is Lost, tonight, after three weeks of no new episodes, nothing but a collection of clips from earlier in the season? Wtf? This show started ages ago, why is it taking them so long to finish the season. God knows there's been a zillion weeks off. Having said that, if you haven't been watching it, I highly recommend it. It's probably the best new show on tv this year.

Bashy - Star - This is the only grime track off the 'Ur Mum Vol. 1' mixtape, which is mostly a collection of tired hip-hop beats. I don't think it's up to much, personally, but I like this track. Judging by the RWD Forums, though, the kids have been loving it, so who am I?

Chingo Bling - Osama Who Got The Keys To My Hummer? - Ultra-silly rap from Houston's tamale kingpin Chingo Bling. His album is pretty silly and a lot of fun. Comedy/novelty stuff is always a good time.

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