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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Saturday Bits

On Wednesday night Dizzee Rascal appeared on Damage Control, a radio show in Houston. He was interviewed by Matt "HoustonSoReal" Sonzala, and freestyled with the local rap crew the Grit Boys over some Dirty South instrumentals and some grimey tunes provided by his tour dj, Wonder (who is a badass producer in his own right). You can check out a write-up of Dizzee's time in Houston as well as some photos from the show, Dizzee's studio work with the Grit Boys and Bun B of UGK and his show on Thursday night at Matt's site here. I've cut out the section of the show where Dizzee and co were on and upped it to Riddim. Check it out:

Dizzee Rascal, DJ Wonder & the Grit Boys on KPFT Houston, 4/13/2005

As ever, here's some more mp3's for the peeps.

For Paul Autonomic:
Dub War - Silencer (Ninj RMX) - Not sure if you've ever heard this, but I got this on a cd single aeons ago. Dub War were a band I liked when I was about 14 and they did some singles with jungle remixes. I have absolutely no idea who Ninj is (never saw his name on any other productions) but this is an amazing Amen tear-out in the classic 95 style that seems to have slipped through history's cracks.

For David25:
Country & Western - Reincarnation - This is an earlyish techno-trance track. Think it's from some point in the early 90's. Lolloping rhythm, some lovely pads, and a twinkly Teutonic melody. This is from a compilation I picked up years ago called Flux Trax II, which is, to this day even, one of the best dance compilations I've ever bought. Hell, check the tracklisting..."Fragile"! "Kinetic"! "My Definition of House Music"! "Plastic Dreams"! *shudders uncontrollably*

For general peepages:
Two Lone Swordsmen - Sticky - This is off the 'Stay Down' album, and I hadn't heard it in ages until last night when I was listening through some electro stuff (being able to sort stuff by genre in iTunes rules to the nth power) when this came on. I'd completely forgotten about this, but this is a totally dope electro tune. Pretty uptempo, yet also kind of spacey and dubby at the same time, with lots of little echoey noises and stiffly robotic percussionisms. Really superb and I can't believe I'd forgotten about it for so long.

Mike Wade - Crowd Control & Evolution - These are two tracks from a mix cd by Charles Siegling of Technasia that I picked up when I was in Tokyo three years ago. Technasia are perhaps my favorite techno producers, and Charles Siegling is one of the best techno dj's in the business (I can up an absolutely jaw-dropping live set if anyone wants it). These two tracks, however, are by Mike Wade and they worked quite well in the mix, imo, so I joined them together and I've upped them for your listening pleasure. 'Crowd Control' is all jittery percussion and spiky sounds, while 'Evolution' is soothing strings and a romping bassline.

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Aww, thanks Pearsall :) This really is a choon isn't it? I'd never heard it before and you're right, the Amens are completely out to lunch.
Blogger paul autonomic, at April 17, 2005 12:40 AM  
I'd completely forgotten about that remix until I was back in London at Christmas and I was ripping the cd's I'd left at my parents' house when I found this. I was pretty amazed. It's full-bore tearout madness.

An odd but great tune.
Blogger Pearsall Helms, at April 17, 2005 1:02 AM  
Cool! I've never had a mp3 posted on a website just for me. It's been ages since I properly listened to some trance, the anthemic stuff that's around now is a bit of a turn-off. It's great to hear something so simple and understated.
Anonymous David25, at April 17, 2005 11:32 AM  
If someone's gonna bother to comment, I'm gonna hook em up!
Blogger Pearsall Helms, at April 17, 2005 5:11 PM  
oh maaaaaaaaan :)
Blogger Robert, at April 17, 2005 6:32 PM  
Haha sorry, I'll hook you up later today Robert.
Blogger Pearsall Helms, at April 17, 2005 6:46 PM  
Dub War were a freakin awesome band when i was 18!!

Benji was the vocalist.
Blogger scott, at April 19, 2005 12:17 PM  

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