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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Digital Mullets

Rudi - Paranoia - Trancecore remix of 'Paranoid' by Black Sabbath. More fun than it sounds.

Diplomat & Trouble - Accursed Delusions - Bezerker fury speed from the Deathchant camp. Industrial rhythmic creakery to start, then the exploding easy chair sound of ardkore's beloved distorted kick. Deathchant releases always feature an astonishing attention to detail, little fills and sound effects that are too numerous to list. The level of microscopic detail that is implanted in tracks like this is remarkable. Unlike most other hardcore producers, the main dudes from Deathchant, Hellfish and Producer, as well as their associates, actually care about rhythm, and clearly spend a lot of time programming the rhythms on their tracks. Even though they rely, as ever, on a madly speedy 4/4 kick they chop the rest of the track up with all sorts of little rhythmic tricks, crazy little edits that appear out of nowhere or sudden drops to hip-hop tempo breakbeats. This track also features a fantastically filthy 303 line, which is why I've upped it.

|| RPH || 4:15 AM ||


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