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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Stereotypical Sunny Day Offering

It being an almost unbearably lovely day, I had an awesome walk this morning. I left home in Astoria at 8am and wandered up 34th Avenue to Northern Boulevard and then cut into Woodside where I walked up Woodside Avenue to Roosevelt Avenue, which I followed up, through Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, to 90th Street. I turned there down Elmhurst Avenue and walked through there (which seemed to be a pleasant and tidy neighborhood), which I walked down until I reached Broadway. I then turned south and walked down to 80th Street, where I cut over and through the side streets until I reached Queens Boulevard. I walked down the side of that vast expanse to 46th Street in Sunnyside where I turned on to Greenpoint Avenue, which I walked all the way down, civilization progressively disappearing around me (the last stretch of Greenpoint Avenue in Queens is spectacularly desolate), until I crossed the bridge into Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I then turned at Manhattan Avenue and then walked down to McCarren Park, where I stopped to chill for a while. Then I got some lunch. Then I took the bus back to Queensboro Plaza, where I got the N train home.

Now, that is quite clearly total gobbledygook for 99% of those of you who are reading, but it was a good walk. I didn't bring any music with me, but when you are on a serious urban walk it has to engage all five senses. Plus you don't want to get run over. If I did though, I would have definitely listened to Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy.

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