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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Yeah, Hardtrance

OD404 - Magnecor - (from Rampage Audio 3) Solid rumbling off-beat bass into slightly 1950's sound effects deep back in the mix. Lots of little edits and fills, as is usual with Superfast Oz & Dom Sweeten when they're on it. Gigantic breakdown...gated riff over synth washes. Hairs up the back of the neck moment in a dark room. I remember playing this at an illegal rave I played in 2002 in a barn outside Prestonpans in East Lothian, right as the sun was coming up. Big moment.

Helix & Fury - Sanctus Dominus - This is from the DJ Ramos mix cd off a compilation called 'Off Yet Nut!' (the other two cd's were terrible happy hardcore mixes). Opens with the mix out from 'Lemonade Raygun', queasy strings slowly fading out. Doom-laden "let us pray" sample. Simple tick-tocking bassline, driving into flashing alarm synths, snare-rolling into savage 303 line.

Alek Szahala - Firecloud - So bezerk I don't even need to say anything about it. So fast you'll swear you are hallucinating. When the main riff kicks in...phew. Big up Finland!

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