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Saturday, June 04, 2005

New Content, Yeah We Got New Content

Since I'm feeling particularly benevolent, and I've got silly amounts of bandwidth left (although the month is still young), I've added May 31st's set from DJ Glamma featuring Dogzilla and Maxwell D to the Riddim downloads page.

It's cool to see Maxwell D back in top form after disappearing for a while. Back in the Pay As U Go days he was always my favorite mc in that crew, and then he seemed to drop out of view for a while, but he's spitting some fire on this set.

Dogzilla is always good fun too, cockerney geezahness in full effect. Oh, and you HAVE to check the freestyle over the Roll Deep 'Heat Up' beat by OT new boy Devlin which comes on about 17 minutes in. Pretty awesome stuff from a kid who has just turned 16. is moving.

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