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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Other People's Business

Don't have the time for a proper post, so why not some links?

Fresh Dizzee Rascal/Grit Boys collabo up at Lemon-Red. Too strange to hear Dizzee screwed n' chopped. If you still haven't heard it, you have to check out the set they were on together in Houston last month.

U Mean Competitor. Michael McDonald, Dipset, and disturbing gifs...can you really ask for more? I've also been swapping music with Matt, the man behind the madness. Yousendit is the digital era's 6th grade tape-swapping.

Cool interview with Rinse FM's DJ Distance at Gutterbreakz. Also including a mix! Nice.

Martin Clark on the month in grime & dubstep in Pitchfork.

I've also updated my links bar at the side to include people who've graciously linked to me plus other music blogs I've been reading and enjoying. If you want even more links, you can check out my public bloglines account which has a frankly silly amount of stuff to read.

Cutty Ranks - Grizzle (Punany Riddim)

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fuck, i love this site
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