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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Raving, We're Raving

All the pictures on this post were taken from a Harderfaster photoset by Joeyxx of a party called Obsession at Happy Jack's in London Bridge, January 2004. It was an awesome party, and the pictures are really nice, so I re-sized them for blogging purposes. Clicking on any of the pics will take you to a larger version. The mp3's are arranged in order of ascending madness.

CJ Bolland - Camargue - Swooning old skool classic from CJ Bolland, one of the great heroes of dance music history. The stomping beats are sweetened by a lovely keyboard line, sweeping strings, and a fantastic house b-line.

Hardfloor - Safety Razor - Hardfloor are the German lords of acid, and this, a track from their superb 'Jack the Box' mix cd, is nothing more than a thumping kick, some writhing hi-hats, and an endless succession of hypnotically squelching 303 madness. Beautiful simplicity.

Spectrum - Brasil (Remix) - Thumping old skool Belgian classic from the first R&S Records 'In Order to Dance' comp.

Yves Deruyter - Outsiders (Original Mix) - Here's another track from a Belgian. Belgium may be considered a 'boring' country, but if you like the pounding end of dance music as much as I do, then you know that the Belgians have been absolutely instrumental in the development of European club/rave music over the last twenty years. This is an awesome tune, a real teeth-grinding analogue barrage.

Jon Doe - Warehouse 2002 (Hard Mix) - Hammering bass nu-nrg with one of the best riffs I've ever heard, a conventional hoover riff that's been scratched-up and laid over the stomping kick and bass. Pretty pacy stuff, too, because this was the last track on my 'Rampage Audio 4' mix cd that I did a couple years back, so, since at the time I always jacked up the speed towards the end of cd's this is over 160 bpm.

Lab 4 - Stungun - Hyper-speed madness from Oxford's Lab 4. This is yer dystopian futurescape, for real.

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Love these tunes! Especially the Bolland one and "Brasil" relick - definitely a high point on that comp along with "Acid Pandemonium" (and very much in the same family as Incubus' "The Spirit" as well). I've enjoying your photos too.

Last thing - the post title reminded me of my trip to the grocery store the other day where over the PA I faintly heard the tune that SUAD referenced in "I'm Raving I'm Raving." I hadn't ever heard it before but I spent the next half hour humming the hook to myself as I manoeuvered my cart between grumpy looking yuppies.
Blogger paul autonomic, at May 27, 2005 5:41 PM  
Yeah, that SU&D tune was a cover of that crappy 'Walking in Memphis' country tune. As I remember it, the country guy's label sued them for putting it out.
Blogger Pearsall Helms, at May 27, 2005 5:46 PM  

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