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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Some Old Stuff

I used to do some writing for the London-based hard house/hard trance/techno website, so I figured I might as well post up the links to my old stuff for those who might be interested. I will be mostly writing about hard trance/hard house/acid techno/general fast music, as I sort of feel like autopsying my long involvement with that scene, and there's already lots of people writing about the 'cooler' kinds of music that I also listen to.

Pearsall's Guide to Record Shopping in London - Now sadly out of date as quite a few of those stores have shut down (XSF and Basement Vinyl being two of the big ones).

Review: Zoology Summer Trance Party (August 1st, 2003) - A review of a club night in sunny Brixton run by some friends of mine. I was being reasonably diplomatic in that review (Pandora S-K's set that night was the biggest bunch of cheesy shit I've ever heard in a club in my life).

Review: Redtrip presents Corrossive - A review of a night put on by my good friends the Redtrip crew. A fantastic night - they always put on great reviews. In fact they have a party coming up on February the 18th so if you are in London and you feel like a bit of raving, why not go along? (Sorry, they are my friends so I will have to do a bit of plugging along the way).

Interview with JP & Jukesy - Interview with Midlands-based hard house dj/producer duo JP & Jukesy. Just a little something I did for Tom Allen, the 'HarderFather'.

Finrg Collective interview - An interview with the guys behind Finland's Finrg label. My good friend Eric and I went over there for two weeks in the summer of 2003 to stay with these guys and while we were over I did this interview. Awesome guys, and I'm in the process of writing a much longer piece about Finnish trancecore (which I'm pretty much obsessed with).

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