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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Man With a Throatful of Gravel

I'm trying to wrassle a piece for Pearsall's Books into shape, so I'll drop the Nasty Crew weed carriers piece tomorrow night. In the meantime, here's Bounty Killer over some hip-hop beats. I recently realized that I can actually understand what he's saying a lot of the time now, which pleases me quite a bit.

Nine feat. Bounty Killer - Warriors - This is from an album that I think has been chronically slept on, Nine's Cloud Nine, which I got when it came out off the back of a very good review in XXL (I think). It's a bit of a lost classic, because Nine (with his crazily gruff flow) soon disappeared. I rarely see it mentioned anywhere, but I've always thought it was a really really excellent piece of classic mid-90's New York rap. If you ever see it in a second-hand store, buy it! Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Anyways, this track, as you'll see when you download it, is awesome. Nine may be one of the few people on earth to have a harsher voice than Bounty Killer, and they combine fantastically over some nice sampled Chinese strings and a classic boom-bap.

Bounty Killer - Eyes A Bleed (Rza RMX) - This is a random mp3 acquisition I picked up a while ago. It's from Wu Chronicles II, which was I guess some kind of Wu-Tang Clan related compilation, but basically it's Bounty Killer riding one of Rza's beats. Can't argue with that.

Bounty Killer feat. Junior Reid & Busta Rhymes - Change Like the Weather - This off Bounty Killer's 1996 album My Xperience, which was his first major label release in the US. This track features reggae legend Junior Reid and New York hip-hop hero Busta Rhymes (this being back when he was consistently good) along with Bounty Killer over a classic Erick Sermon beat

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