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Thursday, May 12, 2005

One Mixrace, One Black, One Yid...

Since I mentioned Nine's lost classic 'Cloud Nine' in my previous post (go download that mp3, trust me, it's worth it!), I figured I should talk about another old(ish) hip-hop album that seems to have disappeared in collective memory, but that I still listen to and enjoy. The Brotherhood were a rap group from North London (DJ Dexter and mc's Shylock and Spice) that hooked up with the producer Trevor Jackson (aka The Underdog), who is better known today for his work in Playgroup. After being signed to Virgin in Britain in the mid-90's they dropped their one and only album, 'Elementalz', in 1996. Even today it is one of the (few) landmark albums in UK Hip-Hop, a true classic. It was also one of the first proper full-length UK Hip-Hop albums where the mc's actually rhymed in their own accents, not fake American accents. If you ever see a copy, it's definitely worth picking up. The mc's are really good, and the production is just amazing. Drawing on his diverse musical history, Trevor Jackson created a broad sonic canvas for the mc's to do their thing over. That's about all that I know, as there seems to be little info online about The Brotherhood, so here are some mp3's for you to check out:

On the Move

Goin' Underground

One Shot

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