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Monday, May 16, 2005

Saturday Night Verdict

Besides Cameo, Crazy Titch and J2K, who were pretty good despite everything, it was not very good.

No battle as far as I could tell.

Totally wrong wrong wrong venue. It was super-plush Guido-esque (you know what I mean, I'm not insulting 'ethnic background' is German and Irish, so I'm in no position to talk!) and didn't seem right at all. There were even tables with little candles on them ffs!

Pretty much empty.

Muddy sound.

Besides the set from the London guys, the rest of the music bounced all over the place and seemed kind of unfocused. Way too much four-to-the-floor and 2-step UKG, which doesn't work with grime. Straight dancehall and hip-hop would have been better.

It just didn't work.

A good example of why I almost never go out to clubs in New York, because it almost always sucks, and I end up filling my time drinking more than I should.

A bummer.

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