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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Last of the Finlandicans

All photos on this post were taken by Eric Luk during our trip to Finland, July 2003.

Carbon Based - Real Stuff - This is a slightly less frantic offering than usual, clocking in at a (relatively) restrained 160 bpm. After a functional and dj-friendly intro, they drop in a quirky little riff, a plip-plopping ghost of Eurodance past. Then they drop the main riff, which is a shimmery Eurotrance riff. This is quite a trancey tune, perhaps one of the most conventionally trancey that they've done. It's not as hard charging as most of their stuff, preferring to float along instead. As ever with their music, there are layers upon layers of sound within the track, lots of little details to idly pick out as it pumps from your headphones.

Carbon Based & Nemes - Charmed Dreams - Carbon Based hook up with Nemes, another excellent Finnish dj/producer, for this strange and haunting track. Opening with haunting strings and a strange distortion line winding around the rock-solid kick, it quickly drops into the bassline and a filtered synth line that twists around the kick like snake to the flute of the snake charmer. There's some awesome synth work on this, all twisting and turning over the simple snap-snap of the rhythm, including a particular awesome breakdown, where odd distorted noises, deep bass drops, and the main staccato riff intersect at strange angles before snapping apart again. Not a head-banger, more a chin-stroker, or at least as much as anything can be at 175 bpm! This is the sort of tune that should be sound-tracking sci-fi chase sequences.

So, anyways, that's the last write-up I'm going to do on the blog, I'll be doing some more for the Finrg Digital site when that launches.

Still want more? Why not check out the recent mix from Drumhead (aka Teemu Lahtinen from CB) for a bunch of new Finnish and British freeform hardcore tunes?

Drumhead - Freeform Weapon Warfare
01. Re-form - Intro [CD-R]
02. Shanty, Tazz & Loopy - Maximum (Carbon Based Remix) [Electronic]
03. Pain On Creation - Thru 2 Secrets [FINRG Hard]
04. DJ RX - Liberator [FINRG Hard]
05. Alek Száhala - Dryard Machine [FINRG Hard]
06. Carbon Based - Tuonela [FINRG Hard]
07. Nomic - Last Aurora [CD-R]
08. Alek Száhala - Ashurnishishi [Camel Records]
09. Dougal & Gammer - Crackwhore [Essential Platinum]
10. Nomic - You Have a Dream [CD-R]
11. K Complex - adagio [Nu Energy]
12. Alek Száhala - Anmitzcuaca [Electronic]

Want more more more? Links time.

Artists & DJ's:
Alek Szahala (totally utterly amazing)
Carbon Based
DJ Orfeus
DJ Proteus
Pain on Creation

Camel Records (UK)
Electronic (UK)
Finrg (Fin)
Nu Energy (UK)
Teflon Bullet (Fin)

Also, check out Sessions2 for party pics, video clips, and other stuff.

That's it for now, I'll upload some grime tomorrow to please you, my beloved readers.

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