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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Tomorrow Night, New York City

Tomorrow J2K and Crazy Titch, two of London's leading grime mc's, will be here in New York City with BBC 1xtra's DJ Cameo, which should be too much fun. I'll be there, at the back, sipping beers, and contemplating a review for Riddim, which I'll write up Sunday or Monday. Only $5 before 1am, which you can hardly complain about. It's at Crash Mansion on the Bowery on the Lower East Side.

Crazy Titch & Keisha - Gully - Titch does his shouting thing with (improbably) Keisha from London pop rnb crew The Sugababes over a beat from Alias. A nice combo of Titch's shouting and sweet rnb style vocals over flickering percussion, a nice stalker-ish string riff and a whomping bass that sounds pretty nasty even through these headphones (no soundsystem for me!). I love beats like the one used on this track, they sound really thin when set against the heavy bass, like anorexic electro. This is off Bossman's 'Street Anthems Vol. 2' mix cd, which is really really good. I'll be reviewing it for Riddim tomorrow. You can get it from Rhythm Division like I did.

J2K - Exclusive Freestyle - This is off Aim High 2, which is generally awesome. J2K is mostly a Hip-Hop mc, and this is him going on about his shitty, stressful life over a very slowly snapping beat. One of the highlights of the entire mixtape.

Crazy Titch - Freestyle - Crazy Titch does his shouting thing over a hip-hop beat by DJ Target. Dude is always shouting, but has a lot of character. The quality is fairly crappy, as I ripped this off a Logan Sama Kiss FM show a while back, from when he was guesting. This is quite a conscious effort compared to a lot of his other stuff. Not sure if this has come out, it might have been on the mixtape for his Crazy Times dvd, but I'm not too sure (cos I don't have it). It's good, though.

Wiley feat. Breeze, J2K & Riko - Pick U R Self Up - Wiley and a bunch of others do their self-help thing over an unusually light Wiley beat. His beats usually sound like they've been beamed in directly from outer space, whereas this one just sounds like a robot trying to recreate a Tribe Called Quest record. From Wiley's first album 'Treddin' On Thin Ice', which has apparently only sold a grand total of about a thousand copies in the entire United States. Oh ye fools, soon you will learn!

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I could have sworn DJ Target produced Pick U R Self Up. He's from the Pay As U Go Cartel. I don't think Wiley's capable of such a beat.

I didn't know Wiley's album had such poor sales in the US. Shame.

Blogger X, at May 15, 2005 10:14 AM  
You're right. Just had a look at the cd booklet and Pick U R Self Up was produced by Danny Weed and Target. I should check this shit in the future before I post. ;)
Blogger Pearsall Helms, at May 15, 2005 4:02 PM  

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